Distribution & E-Commerce

The Distribution & E-Commerce cluster includes wholesale of all goods, catalog businesses, and warehousing and regional distribution of a range of goods.

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The Distribution and E-Commerce industry a diverse cluster that has multiple drivers. Part of this cluster is primarily driven by Colorado’s growing population and the proportional demand to distribute goods throughout the region. However, another part of this cluster is strongly linked to the clusters identified as growth strategy targets and other regionally important clusters.

This includes obvious supply chain relationships but also reflects an artifact of how business establishments are classified within the NAICS system. Multi-establishment firms might have an establishment classified in another industry cluster with their wholesale operations in the region. Single establishment businesses that would be assumed to be manufacturers, but who outsource the majority of their product manufacturing, might be classified within this cluster.


  • Electronic & Catalog Shopping
  • Rental & Leasing
    Support Services
  • Warehousing & Storage
  • Wholesale of:
    • Apparel & Accessories
      Books, Periodicals & Newspapers
    • Chemical & Allied Products
    • Construction, Mining Machinery & Equipment
    • Drugs & Druggists’ Sundries
    • Electrical & Electronic Goods
    • Farm, Garden Machinery &
    • Farm Products & Supplies
    • Food Products
    • Furniture & Home Furnishing
    • Industrial Machinery, Equipment, &
    • Jewelry, Watches, Precious Stones & Precious Metals
    • Metals & Minerals (except Petroleum)
  • Other Merchandise
    • Paper & Paper Products
    • Petroleum & Petroleum Products
    • Professional, Commercial Equipment & Supplies
    • Service Establishment Equipment & Supplies
    • Sporting, Recreational Goods & Supplies
    • Toy, Hobby Goods & Supplies
    • Transportation Equipment &
      Supplies (except Motor Vehicles)
  • Wholesale Trade Agents & Broke


  • The Distribution and E-Commerce cluster experienced 31% growth in the region from 2013-2018. 16% growth is projected to occur from 2018-2023.
  • The Gross Regional Product reported in 2018 was $1,937,000.
  • Strengths are heavily focused in traded clusters (rather than distribution of locally consumed retail goods).
  • There is a local presence of large international companies via their distribution facilities.
We have central storage locations that feed our retail locations and our plants, like the one we're sitting in here in Greeley, Colorado. We'll send our product right off the line here to those central storage locations. We try to keep it as few stops as you can get. That's sort of the key to the distribution business is to cut out as many miles and as many stops as you can. So our groups in Loveland are really coordinating that and helping us get the most efficient with those processes.
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Brent Smith
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