Bioscience & Medical Devices

The Bioscience and Medical Devices cluster includes industries that are involved in the development and manufacturing of biological and biopharmaceutical products in addition to medical devices. 

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 A particularly strong niche industry defined by Northern Colorado’s unique portfolio of companies and institutions in Northern Colorado is related to animal health and translational medicine. Multiple manufacturers in this space utilize or produce innovative plastics. Multiple manufacturers have activities that include 3D printing technologies. 

In Weld and Larimer counties of Northern Colorado, businesses are generally small or they represent relatively small operations of much larger national or international firms. However, large pharmaceutical and medical device companies have a greater presence in adjacent counties and the Denver Metro area. 


  • Biological Products
  • Biopharmaceutical Products
  • Research and Development in Biotechnology (except
  • Medical Apparatus
  • Optical Instruments and Ophthalmic Goods
  • Surgical and Dental Instruments and Supplies


  • The Bioscience and Medical Devices cluster experienced 24% growth in the region from 2013-2018. 14% growth is projected to occur from 2018-2023.
  • The Gross Regional Product reported in 2018 was $447 million.
  • Regional expertise exhibited in companies and research organizations include animal health, translational medicine, vector-borne disease, plant genetics/biotech, and pharma/devices related to diabetes, cancer, and dental applications.
  • The Optical Instruments & Ophthalmic Goods subcluster experienced 159% growth in the region from 2013-2018.
Our equipment is out there being used to make ventilators and blood pressure monitors. It makes me feel honored that in the background, I’m still a part of this greater United States effort to see the entire country heal and come back stronger [from COVID-19]. It’s definitely a feeling of pride and joy that I have a small but also very important part to play, not only to keep Advanced Energy growing and thriving but to keep the world thriving and growing.
Caleb Veach
Advanced Energy

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