Northern Colorado Industries

Northern Colorado’s growth industry clusters are supported by robust talent pools and pipelines that provide a competitive workforce to support industry growth. In 2018, these industries accounted for about 11% of all jobs in the region and have demonstrated solid growth over the past 5+ years. In addition to Colorado’s main industries, they have a critical mass of payrolled business locations and make significant contributions to the region’s gross regional product, infusing new dollars into the local economy.

Bioscience & Medical Devices

The Bioscience and Medical Devices cluster includes industries that are involved in the development and manufacturing of biological and biopharmaceutical products in addition to medical devices. 

Distribution & E-Commerce

The Distribution and E-Commerce cluster includes wholesale of all goods, catalog businesses, and warehousing and regional distribution of a range of goods. This is a diverse cluster that has multiple drivers including Colorado’s growing population growth and business supply chain needs.

Fabrication & Production Technology Manufacturing

The Fabrication and Production Technology Manufacturing cluster includes establishments that fabricate various metals and metal components and that develop and manufacture industrial or heavy machinery. 

Food Processing & Manufacturing

The Food Processing and Manufacturing cluster includes the manufacturing of foods for animal or human consumption, as well as protein processing and refining of agricultural products (grain, oil seeds). In addition, it includes the manufacture of metal and glass containers for food and beverage packaging.

Information Technology

The Information Technology cluster includes a range of manufacturing and services related to computers, hardware and electronic components, high-tech laboratory and process equipment, software development, and software publishing.


The Plastics industry cluster includes businesses that develop and manufacture plastic materials and resins in addition to those that manufacture products that are primarily defined by the plastic materials or plastic-specific processes required. 


Companies in Northern Colorado are advancing sustainability practices throughout the region in each of the cluster industries.

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Industry Cluster Linkages

Northern Colorado industry growth cluster linkages graph